Tour de France, 1966 Race Used Car Plaque, Winner Lucien Aimar


1966 Tour de France
Race Winner: Lucien Aimar

The 1966 Tour de France was the 53rd edition of the race, which took place between June 21st and July 14th. It had 22 stages and a distance of 4,329 km (2,690 mi).

Lucien Aimar was a domestique on the Ford France- Hutchinson team of 5-time Tour winner Jacques Anquetil. Aimar joined a breakaway in the middle of the Tour and ended up on the leaderboard. Anquetil then began helping Aimar win the Tour to make sure and deny it to his then-enemy Raymond Poulidor. After stage 18, Aimar’s victory was certain, barring disaster. Anquetil rode hard that day to ensure the win and then quit the race.

Willy Planckaert and the mountains classification by Julio Jiménez won the points classification. Kas-Kaskol won the team classification.

In today’s racing, the race organizer cars, team vehicles, and other participants of the official race caravan have disposable stickers affixed to the windshield. Slipping a bit into the way back machine, there was a time when the cars had plaques attached to the front of the follow cars.

As with most things ephemeral, most plaques were promptly tossed in the trash once the race was finished. The ones that survived have become quite collectible.

Made of Metal

Size: 19.5  x 9.5  inches  (49.5 x 24.5 cm)

Please Note: This plaque has some bending/warping that does not appear in the photographs.

This is a one of a kind item, please review photos carefully to determine condition.

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This is a one of a kind item, please look carefully at the photos to determine condition.

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