About Us

When we started down the collecting path, we never imagined where it would take us. We have had the opportunity to attend the greatest races on earth, meet many of the legends of the sport, and get the occasional glance “behind the curtain” of this most captivating, vibrant sport. Certainly the most rewarding part of the collecting journey has been the people we have met: riders, race organizers, journalists, photographers, team personnel, fans; the list goes on.

We are honored to have been entrusted as caretakers of so many historical cycling treasures.

As collectors, we are always interested in purchasing or trading for new items. Please contact us by telephone or email if you would like to discuss this further.

Shelly & Brett Horton

The Horton Collection
Post Office Box 210417
San Francisco, California 94108

Phone: (415) 387-2500

E-mail: info@TheHortonCollection.com