Limited Edition Signed Prints

Each of our limited edition bicycle racing prints has been created to capture a quintessential moment in cycling history. Each lithograph has been produced exclusively by The Horton Collection; we select the best images, find artisan printers, source high-quality paper and arrange for the riders individually to sign each and every one of the high-quality images we sell.

Each lithograph has been personally signed by the rider and is sold with a certificate of authenticity from The Horton Collection.

If you order two or more of any of the signed lithographs, we will include one of our new 18×24 inch Poster Art Series Limited Edition Prints at no charge. ($85 value). Trust us; you will like them. These prints were made at the same time as the new Hinault and De Vlaeminck lithographs using the same paper, press, and deboss/emboss process. Take a flyer. You will not be disappointed. We really do think they are that good.

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