1959 Tour de France Musette


Authentic Musette from the 1959 Tour de France

A great bag with lots of character.

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The 46th Tour de France in 1959, took place between 25 June and 18 July. The race featured 120 riders, of which 65 finished. The Tour included 22 stages over 4,358 km (2,708 mi).

Spanish cyclist Federico Bahamontes won the overall race along with the mountains classification. The points classification was won by French sprinter André Darrigade. The Belgian team became the winner of the team classification.

Although the French national team had the favourites, the race was contested between Anglade, in a French regional team, and Bahamontes, in the Spanish national team. After the French national team refused to help Anglade, Bahamontes won the race. It was the first win by a Spanish cyclist.

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Size 13.5 x 10 inches (34 x 25 cm)