1958 Tour de France, Caravan Car Plaque


This sign from the Caravan of the 1958 Tour has fantastic mid-century style.

With 8 different race leaders, the 1958 Tour de France was a dogfight from start to finish. On paper, the French team looked to have the race in the bag, with stars Jacques Anquetil, Louison Bobet, and Raphael Geminiani ready to take the glory.

No one really gave much attention to Charly Gaul, the wry rider from Luxembourg who was racing on a combo team made up of Dutch and Luxembourg riders. Although Gaul was designated the team leader, he had zero faith in his teammates. Coming to the conclusion they would be of absolutely no help, he announced he would not be splitting any prize money with them. With that, Gaul was effectively on his own.

In the end, he rode a brilliant race, capturing yellow on the next to last stage; a 74km time trial. He started the stage 1’07” behind race leader Vito Favero. He buried the field, winning the stage by 48 seconds over second-place Gastone Nencini. Favero blew up and finished 3’17” behind Gaul.

The next day, Gaul rode into Paris to claim his final victory as he was crowned the champion of the 1958 Tour de France!

In the racing of today, the race organizer cars, team vehicles, and other participants of the official race caravan have disposable stickers that are affixed to the windshield. Slipping a bit into the way back machine, there was a time when the cars had plaques that were attached to the front of the follow cars.

As with most things ephemeral, the majority of the plaques were promptly tossed in the trash once the race was finished. The ones that survived have become quite collectible.

Made of Wood/Masonite

Size: 19 3/8  x 9 1/2 inches  ( 49 x23 cm)

This is a one of a kind item, please look carefully at the photos to determine condition.

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This is a one of a kind item, please review photos carefully to determine condition.

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