Tour de France Podium Lion c.1990s


The Tour de France Lion reigns supreme as the most recognizable race mascot in cycling. Our lions were sourced over the years from riders, teams, and select collectors. Authentic podium lions have never been easy to acquire as many were given away to children of riders, family, and friends. The lions look great when displayed and are among our most requested items to see when we have visitors to our home. All podium lions in our care are cage free and house trained. <- FYI, Brett inserted the last sentence.

To anyone who follows the Tour de France, the cuddly toy lion awarded to the yellow jersey wearer daily is instantly recognizable as a racing icon. The lion made its first appearance in 1987 as a marketing tool by the French Bank Crédit Lyonnais (now called LCL), the Yellow Jersey corporate sponsor. The lion, a long-time symbol of the bank, was the perfect thing to turn into an easily recognizable stuffed animal to award the Yellow Jersey winners.

There is something both charming and kitsch about these lions, particularly those from 10-30 plus years ago. Each year, they are slightly different, and even within a year, the details of the faces are quite unique.

Size: 17 inches tall  (43 cm)

Each lion is unique and a one-of-a-kind item; please look carefully at the photos to determine the condition.

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This is a one of a kind item, please look carefully at the photos to determine condition.

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