Rebour Peugeot Bicycle, Letterpress Card


A Horton Collection Exclusive

Daniel Rebour
Hand Printed Letterpress Card

A commanding example of a classic Peugeot bicycle by Rebour. The black ink, combined with a flawless original printing plate, resulted in a card that lets you see every detail right down to the teeth of the chainring.

During cycling’s post World War II Golden Era, Daniel Rebour captured, in exacting detail, the essence of the bicycle and its components. His ability as a technical artist was unmatched. Each issue of his magazine Le Cycle brought fresh images to his readers. Sadly, the newsprint quality of the paper used at Le Cycle hardly did the artist’s work justice.

Fortunately, we were able to locate and acquire a small handful of the original letterpress printing plates in France. Despite their age, the plates were in near perfect condition.

The plates were then taken to famed Italian printmaster Gianni Basso. Using a 125 year old printing press, each card was individually hand printed by Gianni Basso in his shop in Venice, Italy on paper specifically created for custom printing. In addition to being top shelf note cards, these look fabulous framed on the wall!

The card is blank on the inside and measures 8 1/4″ x 5 3/4″.

Limited Edition Series of 100
These cards look fantastic framed!

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