Orfeo Pizzoferrato, 1974 Italian National Pursuit Champion Jersey


Orfeo Pizzoferrato was a five-time Italian Amateur National Pursuit Champion.

The Pursuit is a fast-paced track racing event.   Two cyclists begin from stationary positions on opposite sides of the track.  The two riders start at the same time and race over 4km to complete the distance in the fastest time.  The Pursuit is a tactical and exciting race as the two riders chase each other around the track attempting to catch the other.  If one rider does make the catch before the 4km mark, the successful pursuer is declared the winner.

This jersey was purchased directly from the Augusto Gotti family and was part of the collection in the legendary Bar Augusto in Villa d’Alme, Italy.  Bar Augusto was a key host to professional and amateur cycling teams from the 1960s through the 1980s.

Size: 3

Chest: 16.5 inches / 42 cm  ( 33 inches / 84 cm measured armpit to armpit)

Length: 29.5 in / 73.5 cm

Maker: Seghezei, Made in Italy. Lettering is Chain Stitched

Please Note: This jersey hung on the wall of Bar Augusto for many years and has “Bar Patina” from being exposed to smoke, dust, etc.

This jersey does have some holes and stains, please look carefully at the photos to determine condition.

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Each jersey is one of a kind, please look carefully at the photos to determine condition.


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