Nicolas Frantz on the Col d’Allos, 1928 Tour de France


Nicolas Frantz on the Col d’Allos
Tour de France, 1928

The 333km stage from Nice to Grenoble saw the riders climb Allos and Bayard. In this photo, Frantz is leading the charge on the Allos, the first of the two mountains of that day’s stage.

Looking at the image, you can see both pain and determination on his face as he climbs the muddy road in the rain, his bike and body splattered with mud. Although he did not win the stage, he retained his overall race lead all the way to Paris. Not only did he win the 1927 Tour de France by a margin of 50 minutes over second-place finisher Andre Leducq, but he also held the race leader slot from beginning to end!

Each image in the Vintage Print Series has been reproduced from an original photographic print or negative in The Horton Collection archives. Each has been carefully restored to remove dust, water stains, fingerprints, or other wear and tear. Lithograph printing was done by AMP Printing in Dublin, California on Daiei TopKote 111 pound acid-free archival quality stock using a Heidelberg press.

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Litho Size: 8 in. x 10 in.

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Despite our efforts to find the name of the photographer of this image, it currently remains a mystery. As was common practice at the time, original photographs often had no reference as to the name of the photographer. Rather, there were crop marks and other notations written on the back of the original photograph that was used in the print publication process. As always, we welcome any knowledge regarding the awesome photographers that so deftly captured and continue to capture the vibrant landscape of cycling.

Litho Size: 8 in. x 10 in.

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