Milan Jurčo, 1981 Settimana Internazionale della Brianza Leaders Jersey


A lovely jersey with chain stitched lettering.

Milan Jurčo, hailing from Czechoslovakia, participated in the event as an amateur from 1975 to 1986 and later transitioned to a professional career from 1987 to 1991. Jurčo led the Giro Brianza and wore this jersey after securing victory in Stage 2 during the 1981 edition.

The Settimana Internazionale della Brianza was an amateur stage race held in the picturesque Lombardy region of Italy from 1973 to 1985 and later revived from 1994 to 1998. This race garnered widespread popularity, drawing numerous aspiring cyclists who eventually achieved success at the professional level. To read more about the history of this race, click here – TuttoBiciWeb

This jersey was acquired directly from the Augusto Gotti family and was part of the collection in the legendary Bar Augusto in Villa d’Alme, Italy. Bar Augusto was a key host to professional and amateur cycling teams from the 1960s through the 1980s.

This jersey includes the original label from Bar Augusto.

Size: N/A

Chest: 34 inches /  86 cm  (17 inches / 43 cm measured armpit to armpit)

Length: 27 in / 68.5 cm

Maker: Sergal – Made in Milan, 100% Wool

Please Note: This jersey hung on the wall of Bar Augusto for many years and has “Bar Patina” from exposure to smoke, dust, etc.

Each jersey is one of a kind; please look carefully at the photos to determine the condition.

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Bar Augusto

Bar Augusto, located in Alme (Bergamo), Italy, was renowned for its support of cycling teams and its world-class bicycle racing collection that focused on trophies and race-worn jerseys. A family-owned business, the bar and its attached inn flourished in the 1970s and 1980s. Augusto Gotti, the enterprise’s face, welcomed amateur national teams to stay at Bar Augusto while the riders trained and raced in the region. Many Western and Eastern Bloc national teams embraced the Gotti family’s welcoming spirit and were among the most ardent supporters.

Bar Augusto 1966
Augusto Gotti (Center) with Edy Schütz (Left), Luxembourg National Champion and winner of the 1966 Tour of Luxembourg,  and an unknown third person pictured in the interior of the famous watering hole.

Augusto was a devoted cycling fan and astute collector of jerseys. Active and retired professional and amateur riders gave the bar hundreds of jerseys, all hung with pride on the walls of the storied bar. The jersey collection read like a venerable who’s who of the cycling world from the 1950s through the 1980s. Coppi, Gimondi, Motta, Merckx, Anquetil, Van Looy, Altig, and hundreds more professional jerseys hung alongside the best of the best Eastern Bloc riders. Given its incredible diversity, depth, and breadth, it would be challenging, if not impossible, to build the same collection today.

With time, Augusto decided to retire, close the bar, and enjoy a more relaxed pace of life in his autumn years. A year or so before Augusto passed away, and with the help of former Polish and US National Team Coach Eddie Borysewicz, we were honored to acquire the Gotti Collection. Augusto’s and our collection combined beautifully, and between the two, there were only two overlapping items: an Eddy Merckx maillot jaune and a Bernard Hinault Renault team jersey. To this day, our collection is what is thanks in no small measure to a quaint bar and inn tucked into a picturesque valley in Northern Italy.

By Brett Horton, Jan 2021


Each jersey is one of a kind; please look carefully at the photos to determine the condition.

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