Henk Vogels, Grand Prix Cycliste de Beauce, 2001 Leaders Jersey


This leader’s jersey from the 2001 Grand Prix Cycliste de Beauce is signed by Henk Vogels, the race winner and along with other members of the Mercury Cycling Team.  The jersey was signed by six team members: Henk Vogels, Michael Sayers, Scott Moniger, Gord Fraser, Chirs Wherry and Baden Cooke along with team adjunct directeur sportif Eddie Borysewicz.

Mercury sponsored the American cycling team from 1998 – 2002.  During those years the team won 535 races and was the Velo News Team of the year. Team member Henk Vogels, from Australia, raced as a professional from 1995 to 2008 and was a part of the Mercury Team from 2000-2002.

Tour de Beauce is a men’s elite professional road race held each June in the Beauce region of Quebec, Canada founded in 1986. The Queen Stage of the Tour de Beauce features the ascension of the iconic Mont-Mégantic National Park, a 6-km climb averaging 18% grade on the highest elevation road in the Province of Quebec. The race has five stages, including two half-stages, one of which is usually held in Québec City. Quebec has hosted a stage of the Tour de Beauce for the last 25 consecutive years.

Size: G/L

Chest:  41 inches / 104 cm (20.5 inches / 52 cm measured armpit to armpit)

Length: 27.5 inches (70 cm)

Maker: Louis Garneau, Made in Canada

100%  Polyester

As each jersey is one of a kind, please look carefully at the photos to determine the condition.

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Vogels-Moniger Take 1-2 in Beauce 
6/25/2001 by Jeff Quenet,

“Mercury-Viatel came into the last stage of the Tour de Beauce with the main goal of winning the race, even if it meant that the 1-2 standings of Vogels and Moniger came into jeopardy.  With a huge team effort from Bouchard-Hall, Sayers, and Wherry, The Green Wave never saw their advantage threatened by the peloton.

The final stage was a tough 15 lap 10k circuit that featured a tortuous 3k climb to help shake things up.  Canadian Svein Tuft, took off solo in the early stages of the race in a move similar to the one that propelled Vogels into the race lead.  Tuft built a lead of over 4 minutes and tried to hang on as the Mercury boys waited for the attacks to come.  On the last few circuits, first, it was Saturn and then MROZ who took turns trying to shake off the Mercury leaders.  But one by one, the Green Wave brought them back in an impressive display of teamwork.  Tuft held on for a well-deserved stage victory, but it was Vogels and Moniger who took home the biggest accomplishment, a 1-2 finish in the biggest race in Canada.”

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