Georges Sérès Bicycles – c. 1922


This poster is an original first printing, not a reproduction.

Georges Sérès, one of the premier track riders of the 1920s, was most noted for his prominence as a stayer rider (racing behind a specially designed motorcycle). In this discipline, he won the 1920 World Championships. This striking poster captures Sérès in a full race pose, complete with a heavy leather helmet, French National Team jersey, and special black leather racing shoes.

On top of being a great design, the poster has a great history. We obtained the ones we have 15+ years ago in France in a direct purchase. They were discovered in the attic walls of Georges Seres’ personal home when the current owners were doing restoration. The posters were being used as insulation and had likely been inside the walls since the 1930s! We jumped at the opportunity and bought all 32 of them. After getting the posters linen-backed, we sold a few to a friend who is a poster dealer and kept the rest. To the best of our knowledge, these are the only originals known to exist. It never ceases to amaze us what lurks in the attics of Europe!

This poster has been archivally and professionally linen backed. Virtually all original vintage posters of this era were viewed as temporary advertising and were printed on very thin paper. While expensive, linen backing is a conservation method used to mount, stabilize, preserve, and protect vintage posters so they can be displayed or framed without compromising value.

Year: c. 1930

Size: 120 x 160 cm (47 x 63 inches) – Linen Backed Archival Mounting

This is a one of a kind item; please review the photos carefully to determine the condition.

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Tough As His Leather Helmet…..

France’s Georges Sérès was an iconic track rider in the 1920s and excelled at motor-paced racing. At the World Championships of 1920, 1924, and 1925 he earned a gold, a silver, and a bronze medal respectively. He was also victorious at the Paris six-day races in 1921 when partnered with Oscar Egg and both 1922 and 1924 with partner Emile Aerts. He went on to have a bicycle company whose frames were adorned with his name.

In this photo, the true grit and determination are seen in the eyes of Sérès as he stands proudly with a bouquet, his heavy leather stayers helmet still perched atop his head, wearing a jersey with shell buttons that run from shoulder to neck.

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