Carlo Clerici, Signed Photo


Carlo Clerici, Winner of the 1954 Giro d’Italia

Clerici won the 1954 Giro after one of the most exciting fughe bidone in cycling history.  Fuga bidona is aItalian word meaning a breakaway that does not seem dangerous to the rest of the competitors who do not realize until too late that it is destined to succeed.  But back to the story, Clerici, who raced in the 1954 Giro as a domestic for Hugo Koblet, escaped with four other riders during the sixth stage (Naples-L’Aquila) finishing half an hour ahead of the peloton. The peloton was not able to bring the break back even though Clerici was not a great climber.

Clerici’s other significant victories include the Swiss Grand Prix (in 1952, where he also obtained third place in the Tour de Suisse ) and the Zurich Championship (1956). He retired from competition in 1957, with twenty victories to his name.

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As many of the cards are quite old and one of a kind, please look carefully a the photos to determine condition.