2002 Munich 6-Day Races


Fantastic, colorful and dynamic artwork of the riders on the track.

Original Official 6-Day Race Poster

The Six Days of Munich, first held in 1933, was won by such legendary teams as Eddy Merckx/Patrick Sercu, Danny Clark/Dietrich Thurau, Erik Zabel/Bruno Risi, and Andreas Kappes and Etienne de Wilde just to name a few.  Starting in 1972 the race was held in the Olympiahalle which was built for the 1972 Olympic games.  The last Munich 6-Day race was held in 2009

The 2002 edition was won by the powerhouse team of Matthew Gilmore & Scott McGrory.

This poster was acquired by The Horton Collection, directly from the race organizers, at the Munich 6-Day Races in 2002.

Size:  23 1/2 x 33 inches.

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