1979 Tour de France, Race Used Car Plaque, Winner Bernard Hinault


1979 Tour de France
Race Winner Bernard Hinault

The top contender for victory in the 1979 Tour de France was the defending champion, Bernard Hinault. The numerous time trials in the race played to his strengths. The sole credible challenger was Joop Zoetmelk, who had finished second the previous year. As anticipated, the race unfolded into a showdown between these two riders, culminating in a decisive final time trial on Stage 21.

Notably, the 1979 edition is unique as it featured two finishes at Alpe d’Huez. Bernard Hinault not only secured the Yellow Jersey but also claimed the Green Jersey. His Renault-Gitane Team excelled, winning both team classifications. The Polka Dot Jersey went to Giovanni Battaglin, while the White Jersey was awarded to Jean-René Bernaudeau.

In today’s racing, the race organizer cars, team vehicles, and other participants of the official race caravan have disposable stickers affixed to the windshield. Slipping a bit into the way back machine, there was a time when the cars had plaques attached to the front of the follow cars.

As with most things ephemeral, most plaques were promptly tossed in the trash once the race was finished. The ones that survived have become quite collectible.

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