1954 Peace Race – ALMOST GONE!


Awesome Mid-Century Racing Art.

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One of the most wonderful races to emerge after WWII was unquestionably the Peace Race. Began in 1948, this race attracted the best amateur riders of the day. The 1954 edition, which included stages in Warsaw, Berlin and Prague, lived up to all expectations. Drawing millions of spectators to the roadside each day, the race was a showcase for the outstanding abilities of the Eastern Bloc riders. The blue jersey with the white dove was the symbol of the team leading the race. Note the bar mounted water bottles and wing-nut quick release for the hubs!

Reproduced from the original in The Horton Collection.

We selected from the finest original posters in our archives to produce these high quality reproductions. During the creation of these posters each image was carefully monitored for correct color balance and printed on heavyweight paper stock using high quality presses, all to insure they will look good for years to come.

Size 24 x 36 inches

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