Vintage Cycling Prints

We here at The Horton Collection love nothing better than sitting down with a cold drink and looking at old cycling photos. The joy, pain, humor, drama, mud, dirt, beauty, victory and defeat of bicycle racing are all there to be enjoyed again and again.

For the first time, we have made lithographic reproduction prints of some of our favorite vintage cycling photographs. All of these photos come from an original print or negative in our collection. Each has been carefully restored to remove dust, water stains, fingerprints or other wear and damage. It is fantastic to see these retro images burst back to life so their beauty can be enjoyed again.

Lithograph printing was done by AMP Printing in Dublin, California on Daiei TopKote 111 pound acid-free archival quality stock using a Heidelberg press.

All prints are 8 x 10 inches in size.

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