Original Posters

All posters in this section are guaranteed original. For reproductions of select posters from our permanent collection, please select the “Decorative Posters” category.

Vintage posters are the original form of advertising. These posters, made to advertise products, were never intended to last; they were hung outdoors, rained on and eventually torn down or covered up. The early process of stone lithography created beautiful images, but quantities were small; generally, only 2,000 to 3,000 were printed. The examples that have survived are those that were not displayed, they are the extras that didn’t get used.

By the 1950s posters were being printed using processes much more technologically advanced than labor-intensive stone lithography. Modern Era Posters are crisp, vibrant and capture the riders at the perfect moment in time. Official race posters have bold color schemes that jump off the wall. From its roots in the second half of the 1800s, contemporary posters continue to tell the ever-evolving story of cycling.

Since these posters were viewed as temporary advertising, they were printed on very thin paper. They are often linen backed for preservation, protection, and restoration if needed. When done by a professional, linen backing is acid-free and entirely reversible.

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